RLM stands for Repeater Link Mail server.
It's a FREE PC-based, program that can control multiple radios and devices.

RLM is primary serving many repeaters in Sweden but has also many users in other countries. Mostly in Finland, Norway and USA. The solution is very flexible and suits almost any need. I has also been prooven extreemly reliable. This system was developed between 1996 - 2001.

Some of the features

- Fully programmable sequenced repeater logic
- Repeater to repeater link features with secondary transciever.
- Background reciever scanning
- Personal voicemail system with up to 80 users
- Bulletin board voscemail system
- Built in generators for CW, CCIR, DTMF, Melody tones.
- Temperature sensors voice readouts
- Script your own DMTF functions, control and read i/o ports and more.
- Repeater site burglar alarm functionality
- Terminal / Modem port for remote administration
- Statistics generator and reporter
- Speech prompt packaged in Swedish and English language.

RLM is totally free of charge and can be used as much as you like. The source code in C++ will be sent to anyone who are interestede to make any adjustments or port the software to other operating systems. Maybe a Linux porting project?
Full featured repeater controller with voice mail
Copyright 2007 by
Peter Hansson
Free HAM Radio PC based Repeater controller
Copyright 2007 by
Peter Hansson
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